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The LEFT OVERS from the STUDIO - access kindly provided by Carol Dunbabin

image by unknown author
Chris Dunbabin died in 2007.

He had used a several different studios over the years, and his wife Carol has a pile of items relating to the life of Chris as an exhibiting artist.

These include loose paintings, preparatory sketches, maquettes, a book of poems he wrote, a novel as well as his collection of sketchbooks.

I have selected the more interesting loose pictures and they are displayed below.

There is a bit of duplication with 'lost work', but since one is poor transparencies and the other often faded ink-jets, I have kept both.

So some of these are on canvas, others on paper and some merely ink-jet prints from photographs we have not found.
dated Aug 06

The Ghost of Greek Warrior
trapped in Denise's
Bathroom Cabinet

Golly Gotha


Judas + 30 pieces silver

CND 64

Dunbabin 72

Dunbabin 72

Fiesen 76

CND 77

Liila Coupar CND 78

Dunbabin 80

Dunbabin 80

Dunbabin 81

Dunbabin 81

Dunbabin 81

Dunbabin 81

Chris Dunbabin 82

Chris Dunbabin

Dunbabin 83

CD 84

Carol Ann 1985

Elaine 86

Dunbabin 86

J P Donleavy 87

Dunbabin 87

CND 89

Study for Feeding Sophie
Oil on panel 24x36" 1990

The Bride
Oil on Panel 40x30" 91

Incident in the Shrubbery
Oil on panel 30x40" 1992

Don Not Enter
Oil on panel 72x48" 1993

The Artists Mother
Oil on panel 12x10" 1993

CND 94

Dunbabin 97

Dunbabin 04
No other data available




Jan Case

Jan Case

Jan Case
No data available
Thumbnails outlined in green are identified as studies for known work or ones which have been identified
The left image is a well known publicity shot used on invites etc.

It was created from the real work shown right.

Chris used a table lamp to light the painting when he made the transparency. He liked the yellowish glow - so they used it !
Studio pictures by Chris and unknown author

two studio pictures found in his slide collection