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DUNBABIN - photographic shoots
EIGHTH EDITION - shooting NOW ! we hope to complete by Xmas 2011

Have we already got a copy of your painting?

Please check the existing book images before booking a shoot.
I prefer to shoot in the BigLoaf studio at Pant, Shropshire.
Some shoots are also done at the owners' premises - especially if there are several works to be copied.
Always by appointment. Preferably during normal business hours say 9am-5pm, but I will work after hours by prior arrangement. Email me if you have work that I may photograph.
I offer to photograph your DUNBABIN pictures free of charge.

I will provide a copy of the 7th edition of the Dunbabin book (which is currently priced at £95 at a special price of £65) for each owner who participates.

Under current UK law I retain the copyright to the photographs taken. However we only use the image on the DUNBABIN website and in the owners book.

I can provide royalty-free high resolution JPG images on a CD-ROM at £15 per owner. These can be used for insurance or promotion of the work or related business.
The pictures are taken with a 24Mpx camera. The final images will be smaller than this because rarely does the work fill the camera frame.
Some work is protected by glass and I am normally able to shoot without removing the work from it's frame.
Setting up
If I come to you, we need space in front of the picture to place a tripod and camera - typically 2-3 mtrs away. Although we can work very close to if required.

We also need space either side of the work to set up two professional flash heads which are powered by a computerised system that we need to plug into a 13A socket - very little power is used.
We always have a long electrical extension lead.
Obviously we need some time to set up tripods and a laptop, but the process is quiet and will involve a few high speed flashes. The first picture will take about 15-20 mins, and thereafter about 10mins per work so long as there is plenty of access for placing the camera and the two flash lights.