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Note on the origin of the book and this website

In 2006 I photographed 29 of Chris's pictures which he brought to my photographic studio. The images were to be used in a book which he was to share with another artist.

At that time Chris collected a set of large prints of my photographs and remarked that they looked well. I had expected a bad reaction because I had 'repaired' some of the images where paintings were damaged through age and transit. To my surprise he was very positive about editing the pictures. So I make no excuse for the odd removed blemish or corrected damage where I feel it does not affect the original intent of the work.

Sadly, Chris took too long to supply his notes about each painting and then he died before the book was published.

My involvement with both the artist and his work caused me to feel that the pictures should be seen by a wider audience. I sought and got approval from Chris's agent to use the commissioned work. Since then I have re-photographed nearly all the original pictures using a forensically enabled camera at a much higher quality than the first effort.

I published the first edition of the book in 2008 with 29 photographs and asked everyone I could about finding more pictures.

The response has been very satisfying, and I have over 160 images in the 7th edition.

I am also very interested to add in memorabilia about Chris, especially in his own hand.

If anyone can add titles or other details about the work I would be delighted to get emails !

We are particularly interested to correct any errors in the material shown here

Finally we currently estimate we are looking for about 300 pieces of work in total - anybody know ??